Julie’s Success Story


  • Julie Success


Almost six years ago, Julie Elrod tore her meniscus while running. Since the initial injury, Julie endured five failed knee surgeries and was desperate for something to work. Three different doctors told Julie that her only option was a total knee replacement. As an owner and instructor of three of the largest martial arts schools in Maryland, Julie knew that a knee replacement would drastically compromise her martial arts career.

Julie eventually heard about an alternative solution to a total joint, the Arthrosurface Knee HemiCAP®. This implant consists of a small cap and screw, which would restore only the damaged area of the knee rather than replacing the entire joint.

Julie admitted she was skeptical, but decided to have the HemiCAP® surgery. To her surprise, she was back teaching martial arts only two weeks after her operation. Today, Julie is 44 years old, pain free and more active than ever.