Is the Summer Heat affecting your Arthritis?

hammer toeFor those of us living above the equator, summer is finally here and the heat & humidity seems to be getting worse. Weather experts predict that 2015 could be the hottest year on record with heat waves are already creating havoc in places like Europe & Asia. For those suffering from arthritis or chronic joint pain, the summer weather can be unbearable. Our joints contain sensory nerves that continuously respond to the changing weather. Temperature and humidity can alter the level of fluid that fills your joints resulting in inflammation and pain and it can also affect the stiffness or laxity in your tendons, muscles and ligaments.

Here are some tips on how to deal with the heat:

  • Stay Indoors: Preferably in an air conditioned environment as that will regulate both temperature and humidity. Too much time outside can cause the amount inflammation in your joints to sky-rocket making anti-inflammatory medication less effective.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink lots of water and fluids, such as Gatorade, to maintain your fluid and electrolyte levels. Caffeine drinks, alcohol and high sugar drinks can make you dehydrated, so steer clear of those. To keep your movement fluid drink lots of fluid! Hydration is KEY!
  • Wear loose, natural fiber clothing: Wearing loose, cotton clothes and linen fabrics that allow your body to breathe helps to evaporate sweat which keeps your body cool.
  • Take a Swim: Taking a dip in a pool is not only great for cooling off but thehammer toe surgery buoyancy of the water also relieves the pressure on your joints. Water activities are refreshing and help you stay active when the extreme heat is too much for outdoor exercise. Remember, swimming is a low impact cardio exercise that is great for people suffering from Arthritis or joint pain.

Heat & Humidity can be a nuisance, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying the summer season!

We would love to hear from you! How do you keep your arthritis symptoms at bay and stay cool in the summer? Any advice for others?

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  1. Used to love hot weather but now less mobile in humid conditions. Instesd of Summer holiday was windering if 2-3 weeks in cyprus ir alicante area would be good way to avoid wet winters in uk. Any ideas where i coukd go. I love sea bathing and see Cyorus sea temp is c17 degrees in Feb.

    Any ideas welcome.

    Many thanks

  2. It was so hot here this summer in the UK and I moved south to the Isle of Wight to be warmer well I was laid out all summer my body couldn’t cope with the heat at all and my joints were awful I am actually moving to Scotland soon to be near family and I seem to be better in colder weather. Not something I ever thought I would say.

  3. I had an open bankart repair surgery on my right shoulder almost a year ago. But, since recent, I’m feeling pain. I wonder weather this has anything to do with the increased summer temperatures in Sri Lanka. Current outdoor temperature is around 32 C (89.6 F) with a high relative humidity level.

  4. I have severe osteoarthritis. I can’t take the heat, humidity, cold or barometric pressure. I do better in just cool dry weather. The heat & humidity flare me up the most. I live in the southwest. Tornado ally. The weather is getting warmer, humidity, & we have been having severe thunderstorms. I noticed last year with the humidity causing the heat index to be 115° it was unbearable. What’s hard is getting family to understand the pain I’m in. I do not take opiods anymore. I quit them & trying natural remedies & diet. I’m hoping they will work. I have always been very active & was shocked when I found out. My Dr. said hereditary. So frustrating.

  5. C Reams: you are telling my story. If/ when you figure out the solution or where to live, please let me know.

  6. Yes, I agree with you high heat and humidity make my pains worse. Where would you move in the USA to feel better?

  7. I asked my doctor if there was anything that could make my joints and tendons flair up in the hot weather and humid weather and she said no. So it was welcoming to be reassured with all of your messages in regards to I am not the only one suffering from osteoarthritis during warm/hot temperatures. I live in wI, so summers are the worst for me.

  8. I live in California and this week has been very hot. My joints and whole body have been aching.
    I put up a small pool in my yard and I have noticed after soaking in the warm to cool water that I feel so much better.
    I try to do some light stretching in the pool and also just allow my legs and arms to float and relax. It is nice to be outside (it is in the shade) and rest.
    I recommend getting a child’s pool, and it should be long enough that you can stretch out in it. Easy to set up and keep clean, and can be helpful.

  9. I’m so glad I found this board. I always thought heat would help, but today on Nor Cal @ 105 I can barely walk. Now I know why and am not alone. I bought a pool. I’m sure it will help. I did masters swimming in the 90s that helped fibromyalgia a lot, then arthritis came along. Good luck to you all

  10. hi I am a 39 year old mum and I have a 14 year old daughter and shes my young carer and she has to help me with almost everything we live in Hove east Sussex

    because I have arthritis from my neck spine hips legs and ankles I can hardly move these days because the heat we have had over the last couple of days unbearable

    I don’t have a garden I live on a top floor flat so I get the sun come straight into my flat In all directions

    any one know how I can keep my flat cool

    hope everyone can stay cool in the heat

  11. I live in East Anglia in the UK and this summer the osteoarthritis in my neck has flared up badly. The summer heat can greatly affect my arthritis but not always. On a more hopeful note, I’ve had the arthritis for 30 years and I can go for long periods without a flare up. I’m always amazed when the flare-up passes (this flare-up has been going for 3 months now) but find it hard to believe when it’s as painful as this. I’m usually pretty good about exercising my neck and walking a lot but, when the pain is so intense, it’s hard to do anything other than increase the muscle relaxants and analgesics. I’m going for a few days on the coast soon and am hoping the sea and the sea air will help. Like Kathi, I am very glad to find this board even if it’s on the other side of the pond!

  12. I need help. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis. She is having a flare up right now. We live in Southern California and the weather is affecting her. I have read the comments and will inform her about staying hydrated and taking a swim. Any other recommendations that you guys have. I would greatly appreciate it.

  13. I lived in Saskatchewan for 2 years and felt so much better. Winters are crisp, dry and cold (-35°) and summers are warm, dry and sunny (30°)

    Unfortunately we had to come back to the UK and now I can hardly walk

  14. I live in SoCal and have severe arthtitis. I always thought weather played a part. I felt I did better in cooler climates but I was always told to avoid them. Glad to see I’m not the only one. Will be moving . . .

  15. I am finding the warmer weather difficulte at the moment. Cannot get rid of pain making walking and also just sitting uncomfortable. We really need a solution for this ailment.

  16. Thank goodness, now I know why my hands are exquisitely painful in the summer. Already I’m miserable with pain this year and it’s only mid July

  17. Have been suffering bad osteo arthritis pain in my neck for a couple of months now…. since the hot summer weather started. I live in Israel. I have given up eating tomatoes and peppers to see whether this will help. Have had flare ups before but I don’t seem to be able to get rid of this one.

  18. Me too, the hot weather just brings me pain. It’s as if my bones are on fire inside out. Sometimes I can’t get one foot in front of the other . Give me the cool weather , at least I can walk again. Sometimes no pain at all , until a flair up.

  19. I live in Rhode Island and the extreme heat of summer and the extreme cold of winter have been nothing but more and more pain. Anyone I have spoken to with many arthritic and chronic pain conditions like myself agree, no matter what others (including doctors) say, the weather can – and does – mess with pain levels! This year’s summer has been one long pain flare!

  20. Thank you everyone for your sharing. I have never suffered so much from osteo arthritis. The weather here in NJ has been in the triple digits. I can barely walk in the morning , even after my typical stretching exercises. I will go to the pool tomorrow and rest. I hope you all get some relief.

  21. I live in notheast spain between barcelona and alicante. I moved here from southwest france because i thought the warmer temps would help my joints. I am 67. But i think i made a mistake. Its not a paradise here. This is the first year i have had anything like this arthritis: i can barely close my hands to make a fist. Everyday is near 40° and 60% humidity. At night it hardly gets lower than 20°. Been like this for weeks. Not suppised to cool off til october. Thinking of moving to Scotland next year at least in the Summer.

  22. It’s strange that doctors and physiotherapists tell us the weather has nothing to do with arthritis pain levels and yet those of us living in hot and humid climates feel otherwise!!!

  23. Your description is identical to my pain. I to stopped using opiads. I walk 40 minutes per day and use cannabis gummies for pain. Naps also help.

  24. Thanks for these interesting comments. I am 63 and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right hip about 15 months ago. Lately here in Northern Ireland there has been an unusual spell of warm and humid weather. Up to then I’d been managing fairly well with a mixture of home glute strengthening exercises (which really helped when I was told about them), walks and more recently, cycling. But gradually over the past week the pain has intensified and even a 20-minute walk today gave me problems – and consumption of painkillers is up significantly. I’ve had flare-ups before, but nothing like this.

  25. Please any docs on here dont be insulted but sometimes I feel that the docs cant get a full grip on our disease i suffer with osteoarthritis and fibro. Sometimes i just want to give up but my faithful hubby pushes me on. Abd of course the love of my daughter and grandkids. The heat lately has been excruciating . How do we find ways round it. I drink plenty bht have to crawl to the loo more as for swimming i cant find the strength to get there let alone the excruciating pain it would cause moving limbs swimming. Someone please please help

  26. Live in central New York State where the weather has been very hot and muggy the last 2 weeks. I have experienced a swollen and painful left hip and tigh during this period. Seems to be associated with the weather and so I completely agree. Tough time walking and would appreciate suggestions on how to get some relief.

  27. I am so glad to find this board. I too am so much worse in the hot Texas summers than in winter. It is so discouraging when people say that that’s impossible, that arthritis is worse when it’s cold. Right now with temps reaching over a hundred every day, I am miserable. Trying to stay hydrated, do stretches and stationary bike, and, oddly enough, my heating pad.

  28. From my observations there are two possibilities with joint pain. Some people find the cold and wet bad and a move to a dryer hotter climate helps. I think they seem to be in the majority. Then others seem to find the heat dreadful. I am in that category, but we are in the minority. Unfortunately, the stereotype is the former and doctors who recognise weather related joint pain (Not all of them do) assume that will be the case. I agree that Scotland in the summer is a respite. Been going there for years and years for the relief. A pity it can’t be more than two weeks off work.

  29. My hands, arms, elbows have been horribly painful from OA since early July in N. VA near DC. Feeling often of systemic flare up even tho rheumatologist says not RA. No dr. I’ve seen has been able to account for the excruciating arm/hand pain. Then Wham! the weather changed; both humidity and temp. dropped to comfortable levels, and I spent the day weeding the garden. Had been unable to do this all summer because hands/arms/elbows hurt too much-until today. Wow!

  30. Those of you on board: can heat/humidity cause OA flare ups, systemic in nature(as those of my aching hands/arms feel)? Does this pain cause extreme fatigue? Does it get worse as day goes on til heat/humidity fall at sundown? Had a month of fatigue in June 2017, a week of flared/ aching hands in Sept. 2018, two months of same this summer. All docs cd say is OA, not RA. Even local ER doc had never seen this.

  31. I agree with all the above comments. Heat and humidity combined are the key factors for me. I can guide kids up and down Mt Snowdon on a cool day in April. On a warm humid day in August I need to lie on the sofa for ages after just about getting to the local shops. I am 65 and it has been like this for years. Am told I have OA not RA and doctors just don’t understand the ‘flare ups’. I have started a simple experiment comparing dewpoint to my perceived level of pain. ( I guess American friends will be more familiar with dewpoint than most Brits. It gives a proper count of how humid it really is. I’ll skip technical info. Suffice it to say that Alaska has the highest relative humidity in the states, but comes in at 50th on dewpoint.) I intend to keep a daily record for a year. A quick example. Here in Sheffield England the dewpoint yesterday and the day before was around 14c/57f and I spent the day hardly moving. Today it is down to 8c/48f and I am pain free. I want to do this both for self awareness and to alert my doctor to the extent of the problem. I may be an extreme case but it doesn’t sound like it. If anyone is interested in doing something similar I am happy to discuss.

  32. Hey all, totally feeling your pain here. I feel it’s probably more the humidity rather than the temp, but either way, I took today & yesterday off work and have been napping all day. Looking into getting some CBD oil.

  33. I was in Amsterdam at the end of July where the temperatures were frequently in excess of 40C. During those 2 weeks I’ve turned from Superwoman to a painfilled, crumbling tearful wreck. My hands & thumbs in particular are the worst source of pain – & there’s very little anyone can do which doesn’t involve the use of your thumbs. It’s been a couple of months now & nothing so far I’ve tried or from the Dr has brought me any relief. The frustration (& fear) is ruining my days & keeping me awake at night. Best wishes to everyone here.

  34. I spent heat/humidity DC summer in agony. Myhands, wrists, 2nd finger joint, elbows deeply and excruciatingly ached for two months. Hope the weather’s broken for good now as my hands/arms feel better, and I have less fatigue, malaise and low grade fever.

  35. Yes. Less pain for me in my upper spine since the temperature here has gone down to the high 20’s from the 30’s, and humidity in the high 50’s instead of 60’s and 70’s. Looking forward to autumn!

  36. I suffer RA and osteoarthritis flair ups in hot weather, summer is awful for me . In winter I flair up if temp are in twenty’s . Hot weather is the most painful for me, I can usually tolerate the cold flair ups. Most summers are spent doing very light house work and occasionally a grocery store trip. Any one have advice for a state that people who suffer these types of flair up move to?

  37. Just developed arthritis and the heat and humidity in New York resulted in extreme pain.

    The doctor suggested going to a pool. I joined gym and taking aqua classes. I feel so much better. The cool water temperature in the pool, 83 to 86, along with exercise helped reduce the inflammation.

    I think also the contributory factor is we are approaching fall.

    Not an option to move to a different climate so looking for alternate options.


  38. Might be dew point or barometric pressure getting to you rather than humidity. Heat also causes my oa to flare. Out flat cept for early morning for three months in Washington DC. Dr told me to try medrol dosepak next time.

  39. I live in Atlanta Ga, and our summer and fall have been dreadfully hot. Some days in double digits. I have arthritis, and walking and all gym work has helped my back. Now my hands and arms are painful. My thumbs are useless, and I found some compression gloves that gives me a little relief. I believe it is the heat, and have an appointment with a doctor next week. Hopefully the weather will turn cool soon.
    Not an option for me to move.

  40. Thank you, this was very informative.Being a patient of lower back pain I have been to mostly all the doctors and their medicines seemed to help me temporarily. Currently my doctor is of pain management orange county ny and he has recommended me thermotherapy. Which has been quite helpful for me. The icing might help in injuries but I believe it would cause more pain if applied for joint pain.

  41. Hi all. I have ankylosis spondylitis and this week in NSW, Australia the weather has been hot to say the least. Yesterday and this morning the pain so severe in my lower back I almost fainted. It has not been this bad in about 3 years so guess I am lucky really. I find extreme heat or when the weather fluctuates eg 38 one day 21 the next are my worst times to a flare up. It’s not as bad ever in winter but found I suffer raynaud’s syndrome now in the winter. Happy New Year everyone. Here’s hoping we have a relatively pain free 2020.

  42. Hi, I live in Adelaide South Australia and have had arthritis in my hands for quite a few years. I changed my diet and cut out lectins and improved greatly, until, this summer. It has been the hottest ever, with fires across the country, and yesterday it rains! OMG this set my finger joints right off. Heat asnd humidity seem to make it worse. So glad to share with you all. I’m not crazy after all.
    Come on cool weather. Xxx

  43. I suffer from lower back pain which is Arthiritis and I also have flareups, which I’m having now with up and down temps here in Ma. I seem to be pain free during the day with taking Aleve every 8 hrs., but in the middle of the night when getting up to the bathroom I have terrible nerve pain and can hardly move. I cannot sleep in the bed and hope to be able to get out of bed without excruiating pain. Do not know why it is so bad during the night even tho I take an Aleve an hour or so before going to sleep sitting on my couch with a heating pad and my legs up. Its only when I try to get up to go to the bathroom. Why, in the middle of the night does this happen and what can I do differently before trying to go to sleep? I do not want a perscription drug, but what over the counter med would work better? Any answers would be appreciated.

  44. I too have AS. I have complained for years that heat and humidity completely saps my energy and causes severe pain in my back and neck. I take Humira and lthough it has saved my life, it still does not solve my back and neck pain while walking, golfing, or playing pickleball when the temps are in the upper 70s and humidity is at 60% or higher. It seems like I can’t drink enough water to ward off the pain.
    I recently moved from Iowa to Colorado after retiring, and the drier climate in CO has helped in the summer. After the new year I came to SW Florida to be close to family and to escape the cold and snow, even though the winter cold in Colorado is nowhere near as bad as Iowa. This past week here in SW FL the temps have been in the 80s and the humidity is over 70%, and I am really hurting while outside. Might have to try Arizona next year even though I have close family here in SW Florida. I am so relieved to find this site to confirm what I have suspected since I was 18 years old. I am not a wimp, I have AS. I am disappointed with my doctors for telling me that heat and humidity have no bearing on my AS symptoms.

  45. Yes, I am sorry ur Dr. Is not informed on how heat is so damaging to overall heatlh. More flares n pain the damage done to ur jionts. I would recommend a Rheumatologist. If your doctor is a Rheumatologist, I recommend finding a new rhuematologist that is formed of the issues of heat-related formation that causes pain and damage to your joints.

  46. Hi all. So glad to find this site. I was searching to find out why my shoulder joints were aching.
    I live in Scotland and today was a beautiful early summer day with temps around 23c. I really dislike the weather being hot because I always feel under the weather and I know why. Give me a cool dry winter day every time! We get plenty of those (even in summer) here in Scotland. Tomorrow’s forecast is for gales and plenty of rain. My aches will be gone again.

  47. I am from Alaska originally. Even though it was dry and cold my arthritis flared with every snow storm..and there were a lot. Then lived in rainy Pacific NW..Oregon and WA….terrible joint pain with humidity and storms. Living in TN..high humidity and heat…my joints hate it. My doctor says its the worst combination for arthritis…heat and humidity and frequent storms. We are considering retirement in Arixona. Hot dry weather. On vacation there last year I felt fantastic. Anyone else live there that can tell me how it is for arthritis year round? I am thinking it is just humidity and barometric changes from storms that affects me. I know AZ has monsoons occasionally in winter..but hot and dry the rest of year.

  48. Hello everyone…. I’m Sherwood, a 57 year old married man living in the USA, on the East Coast of Virginia. I have several medical issues though the ones pertaining to this site are; osteoporosis, psoriatic arthritis, & reactive arthritis.

    Let me begin with, I’m so glad I stumbled into this site!!! The best I can describe, for the last 23 years… at some point during our hot sultry summer months, my body gets stricken in complete pain…and I hibernate in bed! It lasts at least a week, some times two, I’ve had it once last a complete month!!! I kid you not…..

    All types of tests were run for Lymes Disease and many others…. In fact, I’m going though one now. I thank God for my Wife! She is doing everything…. groceries, trash, dinner, helping me, our dogs, cleaning…… I feel so bad but there’s nothing I can do. It’s all my energy to type right now. When it’s over, I’m back to normal pain and normal sleep. I pray there is a cure.

  49. That’s the issue I run into a lot. I am disabled. This past December, I started having a NEW pain in my right knee. (I quit taking opioids almost a year before after decades on them for back, knee and hip pain.) I finally saw my surgeon in March (right before shutdowns). My ortho surgeon kept saying it was in my head (I’ve had 7 knee surgeries so when I say I am having pain, believe me doc). He gave me a series of hyaluronic acid shots that did nothing. As the weather warmed up, it kept getting worse and I actually started getting swelling in my knee and ankle (cankle basically). My primary doctor of 20 years said he never heard of that because OA patients love summer and hate winter but I am the opposite normally and even more so now. I FINALLY got in to see a rheumatologist and besides fibromyalgia and OA, I now have also been diagnosed with RA and Polymyositis. Thank goodness for Medicare and Medicaid because she ordered some very expensive labs and x-rays to get those diagnoses!

  50. I like my drs but I feel they are very dismissive. You cannot know this pain unless you experience it. I didn’t know heat would cause pain to flare. Well, I’m in NY, temps will feel like 110 today, high humidity. I have great pain in my leg (rt hip/leg) & left shoulder. Been unable to sleep well for years. I thought just cold, wet weather was bad but this is horrible.

  51. I live in the metropolitan area of DC. I was telling my son about the swollen wrist & the pain. I asked if he thought the heat & humidity was affecting it. He said no. But I googled it & began to read your comments. I haven’t had a flare up in years. I do remember the wrist brace ( which I can’t find. Had to order another one) I had carpal tunnel from a cleaning service years ago. I had to give it up. I didn’t do surgery, but eventually the pain disappeared. Now it’s Been diagnosed as arthritis. Well Thanz for the information. Pain patches, pain pills & regular ice ( better than dry ice packs) here I go. This is week 3. Temperatures over 90 last few weeks.

  52. I agree. My wrist is swollen & the pain keeps me up at night. But I’m glad it’s just a flare up. ( I hope). I’m doing a virtual appointment with my Dr on Thursday. Asking for a referral to a rheumatologist. The weather in the metropolitan area of DC is very high. 3 digits weather with heat index. Thanz everyone for their suggestions

  53. Where do drs get this idea that OA patients love heat etc. I hate it and the humidity or any drastic changes in barometric pressure has a severe debilitating affect of my osteo make mine worse I also have scoliosis and sciatica. I get such a deep aching that’s almost impossible to describe bit have to take opioids to ease it,I just would not be able to walk if I didn’t. My feet definitely swell and I do feel my other joints almost getting a heavy dragging feel to them! Until you have OA you have no idea how painful it can be. I do try hard to push through and force myself to walk as much as possible,had to give up my horses and cycling bit I can still enjoy a walk with my dog,most days. Tried going without opioids bit the pains too much,I’ve had three lots of corrective foot surgery in a three yr period and that has helped reduce my hip pain bit took over a yr each time before it made any difference. Nowadays there should be something else available to help with pain levels but without awful potential side effects. Don’t say fish oil,I’m a vegetarian!

  54. Pat,

    I’m right below you in Chesapeake, Va. I feel your pain..! Thank God I’m retired… though I’m up as soon as the sun breaks and inside by 10am. That’s the only time to accomplish less pain-less sweat! It’s terrible…

  55. I live in NOVA (about a hop, skip, and jump away from DC) &I too am having a difficult time. I am literally sitting on my foot right now bc it hurts so badly!
    I know that they say that cold is intolerable for arthritis but I experience the exact opposite…it’s def the humidity that causes the most amt of torture and second to that is the heat.
    I am constantly fighting with my family about the temp in the house
    The difference between my pain levels from 73 to 72 is astronomical! Not only is the air dryer but I feel swollen all over otherwise.
    If you have pain, you understand that even a 5-10% decrease in symptoms is significant…They don’t understand or they don’t care. I can’t take off any more clothes but wearing a sweater is apparently too much to ask of them…it’s sad that I look forward to the times that the air comes on and half the time it’ll stops abruptly to which then I discover that they have turned it up (like this am) to 74…not even 73. It’s constant anxiety
    Sorry to vent but it’s frustrating to have to fight every single day over something so stupid when you already have to deal with pain 24/7.
    Good luck to everyone…I wish you all well

  56. Hi I’m 66 i too have osteoarthritis & psoriasis my rheumatologist is treating me with humaria and methotrexate, I live in the ca. desert Southwest near Coachella ca, temperatures averaging 115, you are telling my story as well, I was a structural steel ironworker, I’ve had 22 orthopedic surgeries… my whole body feels the arthritis, quit frankly it kicks my butt in this hot temperature & humidity.
    I to find a difficult for my family & friends to understand the pain I endured …i smoke cannabis that helps with the pain immensely if you’re open minded enough I suggest try some cannabis it really does help!
    Good Luck

  57. I have hip osteoarthritis and I am in a lot of pain just now. The pain has got worse since the temperature in Shropshire hit 30C today. I can’t wait for the cooler rainy weather.

  58. I heard so many historical stories about people loving to warmer climates for their arthritis. I’m actually thinking the cooler weather is better, especially after reading the comments. I’m a California girl, but have spent the last 9 years in the UK. Since I shattered my ankle 4 years ago amd have metal plating and pins, I’ve had a really hard time walking anywhere. I also shattered my shoulder 15 years ago and now my left arm is almost frozen. I think the secret is swimming! I know if I had a pool to move about in I’d feel a lot better. Right now, paracetamol and Tramadol isn’t working…

  59. Hello there so very pleased to have found this site, l am 73 and had my first foot operation when l was 28. The Dr told me l had growing pains when l was 9 years old and l was in constant pain from then on. Had three op’s on feet, but this hasn’t stopped my toes from crossing over themselves,buying shoes !!!!. I live on the isle of Wight which is beautiful, but in the last few years summer has become unbearable. I slipped on the ice about 7 years ago. Since then l have had 3 monthly visits to the hospital, injection in my knee twice a year does little to help. I was put off from work due to the VIRUS (which is hitting the world) (as over70). And was supposed to start back today. But as it has been so high temps l can hardly shuffle let alone walk. Just had an injection in right hip, which helped ,but both hips and knees are bad. Have never been told which type l have. Reading all the above has made me realise it is not all in my head. Thank you all for your stories.Let’s all find somewhere which suits us all and share the information.

  60. I have o arthritis. Thought about moving from the uk to SW France to live but being here in the heat and humidity has made pain and stiffness worse. Had also thought of moving to Majorca but my guess is that the problem would be the same there. Anyone contradict that?
    I take note of the recommendations for dry weather being important whether hot or cold.
    Any recommendations for specific places in the uk or Europe to live?
    Sorry, beautiful as it is, I couldn’t bear to live in Scotland…..all those midgies.
    Only wish I knew how to get hold of the cannabis gummies…..very naive non drug taker.

  61. Last three years, esp. the last, were horrible. Hands, iingers, wrists, forearms, elbows and a ‘systemic” feelin NOVA, 6 mos of the year. saw 10 s=drs, got 10 diff dxs. This year we sold the house and moved to a nearby condo. All utils included in condo fee. Set temp at 74, 4 degrees lower than house. little or no pain. thought it was barometric pressure. Seems to be temperature alone. have other probs now. But OA is better.

  62. 7 joints this week all flared up could not do anything. Didn’t know why. So glad to have found this site. Thank you for sharing. I have taken naproxen and co- codamamol just to try to be normal

  63. I have OA all over. Rheumatologists say my elevated blood tests when I have a flare (hiest so far sed 24) is OA and there’s nothing they can do. This year am keeping A/C cooler and so far, ok.

  64. cbd does nothing for my flares except make me sick to my stomach.
    Dr. said, might help, might not. Did diddlysquat

  65. i get the same thing only it started in July in 2019 and didnt let up til Jan. feels systemic. Saw three rheumatologists all of whom dxed OA. Sed rate of 24 and some other abnormal tests dont mean to them RA. Just that I’m old. No one who hasnt bn thru it can cmprehend the excruciating pain.

  66. Maureen l feel for you having been diagnosed with oa and ra some years ago the doctor gave me methotrexate injections which did not help with the agonizing pain I was in . I now keep the house cold and use a dehumidifier . I find keeping a packet of peas in the freezer to use as a ice pack for my hands in the summer helps take away the pain also take cool showers , this has helped lower the pain and some days when the weather outside is cold I am almost pian free !.

  67. Hi everyone I suffer like everyone else here. The hand pain is unreal. We recently moved from nj to sc…what I thought was going to be a wonderful happy retirement has been so far 6 weeks of pure hell and agony. And yes the cold does seem to be less pain. I am beside myself it isnt even the summer and I’m ready to jump out of my skin. What I am going to try. Which had helped me a lot was zyflamend. Its otc all natural. I got it online at vitamin cost. It was working great. I have a lot of allergies to things and I forget what was going on with me when I stopped it. But I’m going to give it another shot. Moving again is not an option so this is horrible….I hope we all can find something that helps….

  68. In the summertime, joint pain is a basic issue nowadays the summertime u can’t go outside that much but home remedies also solve the joint pain problem. Ginger remains an essential herb in Ayurveda during stimulation and healing. Best recognized for its anti-inflammatory features, Ginger can be added to your everyday menu. This statement of ginger lubricant, as well as drinking ginger tea, can also prove powerful outcomes.

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