Hip HemiCAP®

The HemiCAP® technology is designed as an alternative to total joint replacements and for those patients who want to remain active. Many patients are searching for treatment options that are interim solutions between biological treatments (i.e. injections) and total hip replacements.

hip replacement recoveryThe Hip HemiCAP® provides a new, smooth surface within the Hip Joint.  By removing the damaged cartilage and dead bone in the joint, the healthy bone underneath will be exposed and used to implant the Hip HemiCAP® into. Continue Reading

Quick Facts

    • Little to no activity restrictions making the Arthrosurface® implants an active alternative to hip replacement Total versus HemiCAP®
    • It is custom matched to fit a patient’s joint size and shape
    • Significantly less cartilage and bone is removed than traditional joint replacements
    • The HemiCAP® Implant is placed into the surface of the bone, rather than on top, leaving the natural anatomy of the joint
    • Joint Structures (Ligaments, Tendons, etc.) are preserved so no bridges are burned for future surgical options
    • Allows you to Stay Active and resume full activity level. Results may vary.