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toe joint surgery

A Fusion (left) versus the Arthrosurface Toe HemiCAP (right)

Has your doctor told you that you might need a fusion to alleviate your toe pain?

Fusions can limit a person’s range of motion, making it especially difficult for women who want to wear high heels. These invasive procedures may also restrict activities such as running, golf, tennis and jobs or activities where kneeling or reaching up are required. Restoring a joint with an Arthrosurface HemiCAP® implant is a much less destructive procedure. The HemiCAP® consists of a small cap and screw that allows the surgeon to restore only the damaged area of the joint. The implant simply places a smooth surface where the cartilage has worn away — imagine a filling for a tooth cavity. The natural anatomy is preserved and the patient can resume an active lifestyle without pain. Learn more about the HemiCAP Toe Implants.

Learn more about a Toe Fusion Procedure

toe painA fusion is a procedure where the phalangeal bone and the metatarsal bones are cut and shaped to fit together. The two bones are then aligned, set at a predetermined angle and permanently fixed with either screws and/or a plate so the two bones “fuse” together. Once fusion is achieved, the toe can no longer bend, changing the way you walk. Although it provides excellent foot/ ankle pain control, a fusion is considered a procedure of last resort because it eliminates all toe movement, making it especially difficult or impossible for women who want to wear high heels. It may also limit activities such as running, golf, tennis and jobs or activities where kneeling or reaching up are required. Over time, it may increase the stresses on the other toes, causing deterioration or damage. It is considered an appropriate treatment for the older, sedentary and less active patient.

toe replacementUnlike a fusion procedure, the Arthrosurface Toe HemiCAP® will relieve the pain in your joint and restore your natural range of motion. There is also minimal bone removed with the HemiCAP® implant, while existing joint replacements and fusion plates surgically remove the entire bone surface on both sides of the joint. This means there is far less of the natural bone to work with if future surgery is required. The HemiCAP® system leaves more bone intact, therefore providing more options should future surgery be required.