Were you told you got a HemiCAP? Make Sure You Actually Have a HemiCAP Inside!

Today, patient’s take a great interest in their healthcare, going so far as to choose the implant, medication or treatment they desire.


Educating themselves about available treatment options usually begins with a google search, most times even before going to see a doctor. (Also known as “self-diagnosing” from sites such as WebMD, which many of us are guilty of). This is one of reasons why Arthrosurface has made a significant effort to provide information about different treatments available so patients can make more informed choices.

Recently, calls came in from several patients looking to find out more information about the HemiCAP® implant they had received. To everyones surprise, even after the surgeon(s) had directed these patients to the Arthrosurface Website for research, it was discovered that they did not actually receive a HemiCAP® implant. Instead, a similar yet different brand of implant was implanted! Just like the name Kleenex has become synonymous with all tissue brands, the term HemiCAP® has become synonymous with implant resurfacing procedures (aka partial joint implant procedures). There are plenty of times where surgeons have used the term HemiCAP® when referring to a competitive product without realizing that it’s a brand name of only Arthrosurface implants. On the one hand, this is great, because it shows that the industry is adopting the resurfacing concept and that the term HemiCAP® is becoming a house hold name across the board. On the other hand, it’s not so good if you were expecting to get a HemiCAP® implant and then find out that your surgeon used another product in its place (without telling you) due to many companies  referring to their products as HemiCAP’s now.

shoulder pain

However, adjustments in surgery are not as uncommon as some may think. Surgeons can plan to use one procedure or device but because the disease or anatomy was different than what they saw on X-Rays and other medical imaging, they sometimes do have to make a game time decision and convert to a difference procedure or implant.

This should highlight the fact that taking an interest in your own care is not as simple as you may have assumed, but don’t let that discourage you. A little research can go a long way! Take it from us, not all implants are created equally!

Remember, if your doctor told you that you got a HemiCAP® implant, make sure that’s what you actually received!

One response to “Were you told you got a HemiCAP? Make Sure You Actually Have a HemiCAP Inside!

  1. I’ve been told the hospital doesn’t carry or use the hemicap brand…but refers to what they use as a hemicap.
    Are there hemicaps being sold under a different brand name ?

    I’ve seen how other brands are installed and in my opinion the hemicap brand is the best most secure way to install the implant with minimal bone lost.
    Other brands cut off the humerus head, that’s butcher work and only the stem holds it in place, where as the stemless hemicap is a resesed inset, screwed into place… it’s set in the bone there’s no way it’s ever going to move.
    That’s what I want !
    Kaiser Permanente is telling me they don’t use the hemicap brand what can I do ?
    I won’t do the surgery if it’s not the stemless hemicap.

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