Are You Sitting Your Life Away?

August 1, 2014

knee injuriesEveryone sits. Whether you’re sitting at home, maybe on the couch or at the dinner table or while at work, sitting is a regular part of life. As we work, we sit more than we do anything else. It’s such a natural part of life that people rarely question if sitting is good for you. Lately, there have been numerous studies published about the lasting health effects that sitting for prolonged amounts of times (8 hours or more) can lead to. Prolonged sitting has been linked to mental health issues, higher risks of heart disease, cancer, disabilities and even if you exercise regularly, it may not be sufficient to offset the issues caused by extended sitting. WebMD states, “While that 1-hour workout is great for you, it may not undo the 8 hours of sitting at your desk.” However, recent research states that getting up from your desk every 30 minutes and walking for a minute and a half has lasting benefits. This helps to break up sitting time and gets you moving.

In the past couple of years, new products have emerged to help avoid sitting at work for lengthy periods of time; such as a stand-up desk, treadmill desk or even an exercise ball chair. Each of these products haveknee joint been known to generate positive health responses in comparison to an ordinary desk chair. Another tip for adding more movement into your day is to use smaller cups, so you can get up and refill your water or coffee more frequently. You may be asking how this relates to joint pain and arthritis. Well, those of us with joint pain and arthritis tend to move less and sit more. Avoiding exercise and movement due to painful joints, is not helping. According to the Arthritis Foundation and a newly published study, walking 6,000 steps a day can increase an arthritic person’s quality of life as well as make daily activities, much easier and less painful to perform. It’s pretty easy, get up, walk around and enjoy some fresh air. Not only does light exercise help alleviate your joint pain and keep your arthritis at bay, but it is also very good for your heart!



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