Runners Rejoice! Running May Not Cause Arthritis in the Knees

Are you an aknee painvid runner? Do you worry about pain & arthritis in your knees? (more…) A new study from the American College of Rheumatology suggests that consistent running does not actually increase your risk of developing osteoarthritis like previously thought. The study also concludes that recreational running may protect the knees from developing osteoarthritis in the future. There is much debate about whether routine running is beneficial or harmful to the knees. Many of the published studies on this topic concluded that running was harmful, but were solely based on elite male athletes only who pushed limits daily. The recent study from the American College of Rheumatology referenced above had participants that were 55% female and 45% male with an average age of 64.7.

Their research concluded that, “An exposure to non-elite running at any time in life is not associated with high odds of prevalent knee pain. Non-elite running at any time in life does not appear detrimental and may be protective.”

This does not mean you should go out and run a marathon tomorrow, but more so, that going for a run every once in a while now appears to be beneficial. Not only is exercise a great way to stay healthy and fit, running also helps keep your BMI (Body Mass Index) low. A low BMI is known to greatly reduce your risk of developing osteoarthritis. Another study published in 2014 reported that runners had half the amount of knee osteoarthritis as walkers did as well as lower BMI. However, running is not for everyone. Going for long walks on a consistent basis and staying active in other ways can also lower your BMI and reduce your risk of osteoarthritis and a future joint replacement.

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