Patient Guide to Toe Arthritis

June 3, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.53.06 PMA small group of expert surgeons who together have performed more than 1000 surgical procedures since 2005 using the Toe HemiCAP® System were recently asked to share their experience in form of a survey.

The group included male and female orthopaedic (MD) and podiatric surgeons (DPM) who were in practice performing foot and ankle surgery for more than 17 years on average. Together, their expertise is based on over 100 years diagnosing and treating patients with foot and ankle problem

Surgeons were asked about their experience with the Toe HemiCAP and ToeMotion implants, as well as different toe fusion systems. Their response provided insight into the

  • Return to work and activity
  • Pain relief and functional improvements
  • Length of the procedure and hospital stay
  • Typical recovery with physiotherapy and rehabilitation

If you are considering surgery as an option for the treatment of painful toe arthritis, this survey may provide additional information to help you make an informed decision. It may also be helpful in guiding you towards a series of questions you may want to ask your doctor before deciding on the course of your treatment.


31 responses to “Patient Guide to Toe Arthritis”

  1. Kim McKinley says:

    I have surgery next month for my foot. I am 57 years old and have severe ostioarthritus and bone spurs. My other foot has it too, but one foot at a time.
    My Dr. Is Dr. Hoey, in Guleph. I’m hoping for a recovery so I can go on walks and have no more foot pain and swelling.
    This problem keeps me from working.

  2. Hi I had toe replacement surgery on left big toe in Dec 2014 and am just recovering from surgery after having right toe done in May 2016. My left foot is pain free and movement is amazing – a very successful procedure to date. Just wearing airboot for a few months waiting for right foot to recover but I am very excited about my future and am looking forward to joining a walking club. I had porcelain joints put in both and very impressed with results, which has given me my mobility back – I am nearly 54 but still young and not ready to give up my busy active life yet.

  3. Gaynor jones says:

    I’m going for X-ray on Monday to see if I have arthritis in my little toe and side of foot, the pain is so sore, and feels hot inside all the time.

    • arthrosurface says:

      Gaynor, Sorry to hear about your discomfort. Hopefully the x-ray will help with some answers to your pain.

  4. Mrs v dixon says:

    I suffer with patio arthritis at the moment in agony with my foot doctors are treating it as gout and put me on a course is steroids the swelled is still there and still in a lot of pain what do you think.

  5. Bill S says:

    Hello. I have hallux rigidus in my big toe and a bone spur. I have been limiting the pain by using a combination of rocker shoes and a carbon fiber plate in my “regular” shoes. After viewing x-rays, my ortho said there there was still a reasonable gap in the joint and wanted to see an MRI before deciding on surgery (still waiting on the MRI result). He said that given my level of discomfort and if the MRI confirmed surgery was in order, we could do a fusion. However, a friend of mine just had a titanium implant procedure done by his ortho—after three other orthos recommended fusion. I am thinking my ortho does not do the HemiCAP procedure but will ask him. At the very least, I am inclined to get a second opinion before I have the fusion done. Perhaps the implant procedure will give me better flexibility and allow me to me more active going forward (I am an active 60 year old). Any thoughts? Thank you

  6. Bill S says:

    Thank you. I have an appt with Dr Howard Stone (Chicago area) tomorrow

  7. Brian Calandra says:

    I am having joint replacement with Dr. SanGiovanni on Tuesday in Miami. I flew here from Denver because I wanted someone who helped with the design of the joint and has put in a bunch.

    I injured my toe in 2008 in karate. I reinjured it too many times to count. Tons of injections (steroid, PRP, Stem), 2 surgeries (cheilectomy and second scope debridement with Dr. Ferkel of the Southern California Orthopedic Institute). My toe always hurts. The scope revealed I am bone on bone.

    I am 41. I don’t want to fuse my toe. If this product is a game changer, I can’t wait to sing it’s praises. After surgery, it is a great possibility my toe won’t hurt anymore.

    I hope to be a big spokesperson for the produce. I am an attorney in Denver and have a 5 year old who wants to play soccer with her dad!

    • arthrosurface says:

      Hi Brian – That’s wonderful! Dr. San Giovanni is wonderful and will take great care of you. We wish you the best of luck with your surgery! (And safe travels!)

    • Crystal Whitmore says:

      Hello Brian, Was wondering if you had the surgery? I currently am strongly considering a joint replacement. My previous stem cell and cheilectomy I am not happy with. My toe joint feels fused. I am 46 and like to be active. My toe is so stiff, I cannot get my foot into snowboard boots.

  8. Alice says:

    I had the hemicap toe implant a few years ago. Iam due for an MRI for my knee. Is the hemicap toe MRI safe?

    • arthrosurface says:

      Hi Alice – I just sent you an email with a response.

    • How did the toe surgery with athurosurface work? Husband had very successful hemi-cap shoulder replacement one week ago. Doing extremely well. Amazed! Did much research before we decided on this device and surgeon. You can find surgeons in your area that are trained
      In this procedure on athurosurface website. This case 58 year old very active male spear fisherman and ultrasound tech with bone on bone
      Due to lost cartilage, Severe osteoarthritis.

  9. Brian Angstadt says:

    My husband, age 57, had left toe chilectomy about a year ago. Not very successful and looking for a doctor in or around Tampa, Florida
    Who has expertise in hemicap implant. He has right shoulder issues even worse, and thanks to your website, was fortunate enough to
    Find Dr. Richard Cain with Bay Care Medical Group in Tampa who participates with his Cigna healthcare plan. We are seeing him on Jan.
    9th. Also, my husband, Brian, would like to know if the hemicap can go through an MRI?

  10. Mónica says:

    Hola, mi edad es 32 años y tengo HALLUX RIGIDUS, en octubre 2015 me hicieron la primera artroplastia y en octubre 2016, nuevamente me hicieron una artroplastia, pero no funcionaron las operaciones.

    Quiero información de la prótesis HEMICAP. Vivo en México y quisiera saber dónde pueden colocarme una prótesis, ¿en qué país?

    Agradezco su atención.

  11. Mónica says:

    Hello, my age is 32 and I have HALLUX RIGIDUS, in October 2015 I had the first arthroplasty and in October 2016, I had an arthroplasty again, but the operations did not work.

    I want information about the HEMICAP prosthesis. I live in Mexico and would like to know where they can put a prosthesis, in which country?

    Thank you for your attention.

  12. Carol F says:

    Hello, I’m a very active and healthy retiree with a moderate bunion that shows mild degenerative changes, yet the joint is very flexible and completely free of pain. Second toe has a rigid hammertoe and it’s a real nuisance with footwear. Orthopedic surgeon wants to fuse my great toe fusion and shorten and fuse the second toe. My research indicates that these are last resort procedures that will limit my mobility. I’d like to have a consultation with a surgeon who uses Arthrosurface procedures before agreeing to more drastic measures. Are Toe HemiCAP or KissLOC systems a possibility with my two issues? I live in a rural area and would appreciate advice re: doctors who successfully use your systems. Thanks!

  13. Arthrosurface all the way if you can.
    No fusion!

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