It’s National Almond Day! Here’s 3 Key Benefits to consider.

Happy National Almond Day! It’s no surprise that when it comes to almonds, these little guys pack a big punch! But the question is, do you know just how beneficial the almond really is? We’re taking a look at 3 of the key benefits of including this super food in your nutrition plan. Keep in mind that when choosing an almond to snack on, going raw is your best choice. Quick fact: The almond in botanical terms, is not a nut but a “drupe” or stone fruit in which the outer fleshy part surrounds a single shell of hardened endocarp (flesh) with a seed or (kernel) inside. Almonds

1. Antioxidant 

The powerful antioxidants in the almond are mostly found in the brown skin. Hence; why these are a superior choice over selecting blanched almonds. The antioxidants in this “super drupe” help protect against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can cause damage to molecules in your cells which contributes to inflammation, aging and diseases like cancer.

2. High in Calcium

Almonds contain nearly 200mg of the recommended daily dose of calcium. Their versatility makes them an easy addition to your diet. Studies have also shown that when a clinical study was performed on ingesting almond meal, it increased the bone mineral density and inhibited the growth of osteoporosis forming cells. Ultimately showing that the almond has a truly positive effect on bone health!

3. Magnesium


Overall, magnesium assures the strength and firmness of bones and makes teeth harder. Since magnesium participates in an astonishing array of biochemical reactions, it’s no surprise that it’s essential for healthy bones and teeth. Most notably, adequate magnesium is essential for absorption and metabolism of calcium. Lucky for you, just one ounce of almonds contains 80mg of magnesium!

  In conclusion, these powerhouse “drupes”  are worth considering when you are looking for a nutrient dense boost! Try as an alternative to dairy milk, added crunch to your salad or a “nut butter” spread on whole grain toast… the options and benefits of the almond are endless.

Key minerals for bone health — magnesium

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