HemiCAP Sustains World Champion Powerlifter


Louie Simmons is a champion powerlifter and owner of Westside Barbell, a private elite training facility in Columbus, Ohio. In February of 1973, he was ranked as the #1 powerlifter in the world and is currently one of two powerlifters over the age of 50 to squat 920 pounds, bench 600 pounds and deadlift 722 pounds. Louie has trained many professional athletes and worked as a strength consultant for the Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, in addition to numerous college football teams.

shoulder implant surgery
Total Shoulder Replacement (left) versus HemiCAP® (right)

Throughout many years of heavy weightlifting, the cartilage in Louie’s shoulder began deteriorating causing intense pain. He saw several surgeons who all said he would need a total shoulder replacement. As a Senior Powerlifting Champion, Louie knew thata total shoulder replacement would drastically compromise his weightlifting career and that wasn’t an option. Louie eventually heard about an alternative solution to a total joint, the Arthrosurface Shoulder HemiCAP®. This implant consists of a cap and screw, which restores only the damaged area of the joint without removing excessive bone and tissue; similar to a cavity filling.With the HemiCAP® as an option, Louie learned he could return to powerlifting without limitations or pain.

After suffering with shoulder pain for over 10 years, Louie finally decided to have the HemiCAP® surgery. Post surgery, Louie reported that the pain dissolved in a matter of weeks and he was able to bench-press 300lbs only three months after the operation. “I am back to full time lifting and working out. Without my surgeon and this technology from Arthrosurface, I would have had to stop doing what I love the most – lifting and training athletes to get powerful and strong.” Almost 10 years later, Louie is still pain free and says that he has not had any problems with the Arthrosurface HemiCAP® implant.

Arthrosurface® Inc. was organized in 2001 to develop new ways to treat cartilage damage using minimally invasive technology. There are more than 50,000 patients who have received HemiCAP® implants which are available in a variety of sizes and curvatures for the shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and toes. In multi-center studies, patients reported outstanding pain relief, rapid recovery times and significant improvements in their range of motion. The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis and may allow patients to resume full activity without restrictions.

Think the HemiCAP® might be right for you? Find a doctor in your area.

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  1. I had shoulder surgery 2012 labrum almost completely gone went from 375 bench to 230 with lag and severe pain over 10 years in r shoulder still can pull prob 600 and sq 525 535 with numbing agent on shoulder havent competed since 2003 nasa nat due to shoulder please leave me the name of your physician if i could pause 290 plus again left could prob handle 315plus ieft shoulder would be estatic i am 53 and would like to compete again thank you this is exciting news

  2. who is Louie’s doctor?
    50 years old here. just found out week before July 4th from shoulder doc i have no cartilage on shoulders.Mobility has improved some with stretching on my part before i went in to the doctor. He does not due the procedure but said i am a good candidate. I am 1986 Mr collegian Oregon. 1991 heavyweight and overall Mr. Alaska. two time NPC USA top 10 finalist in 1991 and 1992. Inducted into AK bodybuilding hall of fame. Just completed my first cross fit team comp recently (only 8 weeks involved), even with compromised shoulders I held my own. out-lifted several guys half my age. if shoulders and mobility improved through this technology i would like to win a cross fit 50+ masters world championship. just 10 years ago i could still bench 315 for twenty reps. currently can 1 rep right at 300 hundred. squat 405 at the comp and dead lifted 475 at the cup; i haven’t squatted in over 20 years until 8 weeks ago.the 475 was the first time i ever went up to a one rep ever in the dead lift. if i get my shoulders back i will win a world title in the masters division

  3. Hi Thomas, Louie’s surgeon was Dr. Anthony Miniaci at the Cleveland Clinic. Where are you located? We can provide you a list of surgeons in your area who are trained and use our products. Please email us at: aarnone@arthrosurface.com

  4. Hello,
    I have always been active. I played high school sports and then spent 15 years serving in the military and contracting overseas for the US Government. 6 years ago, I had a cervical fusion done. Due to the nerve damage from the original injur, they also MRI’d my shoulder. I was told it was a matter of time before I needed a replacement. My pain has gotten much worse and I now need to find out if I am a candidate for a hemicap and what is the closest facility that will do it. I appreciate your time and effort on my behalf.

    Best Regards,
    Rance Schmidt

  5. hello there.
    I live in Israel and after an injury from year 2000, I find myself being told that I need a total shoulder replacement. Labrum is torn, cartilage is amost gone the glenoid is misshaped, more rectangular than semi-spherical, rotator, ligaments and tendons are good though. I have been lifting for 42 years(I am 58) but I am told that my lifting days are over. Is this method relevant to my case. And if so do you know of an orthopedic surgeon using it here in Israel.

  6. Hi; I was a competitive powerlifter for several decades. Following the end of my powerlifting career my deltoids progressively became weaker, smaller, increasingly more painful with a loss of ROM. I sought out many medical opinions. Most wanted to perform a shoulder replacement or reverse shoulder replacement should my rotator cuff be shot. I eventually located a physician at Kerlan-Jobe orthopedic surgical center (yes the surgeons who work on the Los Angele’s Pro athletes. The surgeons who was willing to perform my Hemp-Cap was in the process of transitioning to Keck-USC. Following a CT scan and other screening processes, the doc said I was a good candidate for the Semi-Cap. Consequently I underwent the procedure. My recovery was absolutely some of the worst pain Ive had in all of my life. That which was prolonged as well. The recovery took months and months, sadly all to no avail. As other than a little added ROM, my weightlifting and other activities never could get off the ground following the Hemp-Cap, and my R/shoulder is in just as much pain and discomfort, sometimes more, with the Semi-Cap than my L/shoulder which is still natural and bone on bone. Moreover, now that Im back into lifting and trying to train-up for a power meet, my right shoulder with the semi-cap is slacking in terms of developing hypertrophy. I am exceedingly disappointed with my results. That said, is there a physician in my area who could examine my Hemi-Cap for potential problems? Thank you! Btw, Loui Simmons is THE MAN! I went to Columbus in 94′ and trained with he and his elite lifters for a week. Loose is the undisputed BEST. He changed nearly everything about my training and technique. All of my individual lifts went up considerably. My total shot up over 200 Lbs in 1 year alone. THANK YOU again Louie!!! MUCH appreciated my friend!

  7. I had shoulder replacement surgery as well after years of competing, back in 2015. My shoulder has a lot of pain and sometimes feels like ti is out of joint. Is there a way to have it checked to see if anything is out of place. I went to my original surgeon a few months ago and he said everything looked good. This pain is real and there has to be something going on. I can lift but it is very painful and sleeping at nigh is actually just as problematic as it was before surgery. The surgery was a partial with only the ball replaced and not the socket.

  8. Hi Donnie, it doesn’t appear that you have an Arthrosurface implant. As every surgery and implant is different, it would be best for you to consult with your doctor for next steps. Best of luck!

  9. Hi, I am a 44 year old male former college football player and currently a police officer in Orange County California. I have been lifting heavy my entire life and have had several shoulder surgeries one being a labrum repair , another was a tendonesis on my bicep tendon and one debridement. I mentioned this option to my surgeon as it is apparent I will need a replacement later in life. He said that I was not a candidate because this only addressed the humerus ball and not the socket side of my shoulder. Is this true ? I am under the impression that there are not a lot of doctors out there that are trained on this new technology as I have asked two separate doctors. Can you address this question and send me a list of doctors that are extremely competent in this device ….. thank you

  10. Hi Evan, Our HemiCAP system is for early stage arthritis and does not address the glenoid part of the joint. However, our OVO and OVOMotion with Inlay Glenoid Total Shoulder Systems address both sides of the joint. I have also included some literature that may be helpful for you in understanding our products.
    • Shoulder Patient Pamphlet: https://www.arthrosurface.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Shoulder-Patient-Pamphlet_Rev-L.pdf
    • OVO with Inlay Glenoid Surgical Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPfH5OhKgM4&feature=youtu.be
    We just sent you an email regarding surgeons in your area. Have a great day!

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