HemiCAP Knee Resurfacing Patient is a World Champion Waterskier!

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Jennifer Leachman LaPoint is an Orlando, FL realtor as well as a Professional Waterskier. Not only is she the oldest Pro Skier that is still competing, she is also a 3 Time World Record Holder in the women’s slalom. She began skiing at age 5 and entered her first competition at 6 years old. Before she turned 18, she won the girls national title 3 times in a row.

Back about 10 years ago, Jennifer began experiencing severe knee pain. Her Doctors told her that it was due to the loss of cartilage in her knee. However, when they operated on her, there was nothing wrong with her cartilage, but they did notice an abnormally large plica band in her knee. Come to find out, many waterskiers have an abnormally large Plica Band due to their asymmetrical stance on the skis. Unfortunately, her surgeon destabilized her knee by clipping the Plica Band and Jen was unable to return to skiing. After a few other failed surgeries, four different orthopeadic surgeons and deteriorating cartilage in her knee, she finally found her way to Dr. Phil Davidson in Park City, UT.

Dr. Davidson recommended the Arthrosurface Knee HemiCAP® as a knee jointsolution. After not being able to waterski for over 2 years, Jen opted to have the PF HemiCAP knee resurfacing surgery with the hopes of just being able to walk up stairs without pain. Just 90 days after the receiving her knee HemiCAP® implant, Jen was back on the water, skiing! Within 8 months, she won the 2012 Senior World Championships in Mexico at age 48. (The Senior World Championships in waterskiing happen once every two years). Last October (2014), about 4 years after her surgery, we were able to catch up with her at the Senior World Championship, where she was defending her World Championship title! Watch her story here!


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