Grilling Season is here! Try these 4 Joint-Smart Alternatives

June 15, 2019

Summer is right around the corner and grilling season is upon us! Continue reading for a few healthy tips for assembling your grilling menu, that don’t skimp on flavor!healthy grilling

Not only does eating healthy mean you don’t have to sacrifice on flavor, but also your joints and waistline will thank you!

Sure, cookouts can be tempting with all of those greasy burgers, processed meats and high-fat potato salads. However, choosing what to throw on the grill wisely will have you feeling energetic and satisfied rather than sluggish and bloated.

Smart Swaps

  1. Instead of processed meats like hotdogs and hamburgers try marinated fish, skinless chicken or hearty mushrooms. Use finely chopped fresh herbs like sage and thyme for a a savory dry rub!
  2. Skip those mayo-based salads like coleslaw, macaroni and potato salad and try a colorful bean salad with an olive oil base or a flavorful Caprese salad with lycopene rich tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella.
  3. Instead of white bread buns try whole grain or sprouted grain bread or better yet, swap for sliced sweet potatoes in place of buns or wrap your protein in collard green leaves.
  4. Beware of sneaky sugars in condiments (think ketchup and relish) try fresh salsa or a homemade sun-dried tomato basil spread.

Final Tips

  • The more color the better- get creative with kabobs. Add a variety of peppers, Stone fruit, healthy grillingzucchini and mushrooms for a fun to eat and flavorful alternative.
  • Craving something sweet? Throw some sliced stone fruit on the grill like peaches, nectarines or plums for a naturally sweet boost. Pineapple slices with a pinch of cinnamon are another favorite and crowd pleaser. – For best results, grill on one side and use high heat for a quick sear.
  • For more tips on which foods to avoid if you have arthritis, check out one of our previous blog posts.





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