When Can You Return to Activity After Toe HemiCAP Surgery?

Have you ever wondered how much time it took other Toe HemiCAP Patients to return to their favorite activities after surgery? The chart below was compiled to help answer your questions.

Typical Patient Function & Activity Milestones after Hemiarthroplasty or Total Toe Replacement

Based on their experience, surgeons rated the time it took for patients to achieve certain milestones after surgery such as driving a car, walking in shoes and returning to work, activity or sport. Typically, patients are able to perform the activities of daily life, including returning to work, 2-6 weeks after surgery.

Following Toe HemiCAP® hemiarthroplasty, or ToeMotion® Total Toe replacement, no restrictions on job, sports or activity were recommended. Following these procedures, most patients are expected to return to work within 2 weeks after surgery (66.7%) or within a 15-30 day range (33.3%). The time to return to work was classified as equal or faster than cheilectomy, faster than other implants and faster than fusion. Sports participation was started at a mean of 49.3 days and the satisfaction regarding the return to sport and an active lifestyle was rated as Excellent (66.7%), Very good (33.3%) or Good (16.7%).

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  1. Please send information on this procedure and by who or where in or near Sioux Falls, SD this prodedure is being done

  2. Hi Duanne, That’s wonderful that you have increased motion in your toe after the HemiCAP Implant. However, each person heals differently. We suggested contacting your surgeons office directly to discuss your continued pain.

  3. I am scheduled to have the aurthosurface Hemi-cap Total toe Surgery in Birmingham, Al in 2 weeks. Any advise from others who have had this Surgery.

  4. I am just following up. I had my Arthosurface Total Toe replacement on Monday in Birmingham Al by Dr. Gregg Carr. The surgery went very well. It was out-patient surgery. i took the pain pills the 1st 24 hours then switched to ibuprofen on day 2. There is very very little swelling. I was told by my doctor to stay off my fool for 2 weeks. ( zero weight bearing) I am using a walker to got move around the house. I have just been elevating the foot and resting and I am now on day 5 post-op. I have not had any pain and I am confident this surgery will be a positive experience. I am excited to get back a range of motion in my toe again. I get the stitchers out in on July 11th.

  5. Hi Sharon, that’s wonderful! We love when patients share their stories! Good luck with the rest of your recovery!

  6. Hi My name is Chris my GP and Surgeon have recommended fusion for big toe OA which scares me bit. I live near Sydney Austrralia are there any Surgeons in or nearby Sydney that do this procedure
    Thanks Chris

  7. Please send me information, w50 mho is performing this around the Melbourne, Florida area–within 50 mi radius!

    Thank you,

  8. I had a bone spur and arthritis removed from my big toe and an implant inserted this past July 2018. I am still having the same pain as before and my doctor recommends fusion of the big toe. I am very active and don’t want to do the fusion. Can you advise where in Pensacola Florida that I can see someone to do a Hemicap surgery?

  9. Are there any surgeons in the Lansing, Michigan area? Also, do you know of any specific surgeons who have removed a fusion and put the hemicap in its place? Thank you!

  10. I live in Western Kentucky, I am a 5K runner. I’m 5’2 and I wear 5 inch heels every day on my sales job. I do not see fusion as an option because I want motion in my toe. Cartiva looks like it fails very often, you can only wear 1 to 2 inch heels, and most people can walk but not run races. This is unacceptable to me!!!! Who in Western Kentucky (Paducah) Area does this surgery??? Will I return to a normal life afterward? I’m so depressed about this. I fell and broke my foot, this is how all this started. Thanks.

  11. As a result of bunion surgery my toe joint is now bone on bone and I have little mobility and a lot of pain. I am considering joint replacement and would like to know more about this. After one failed surgery I am not anxious to have another. I would like more information about the procedure, the risks including what can go wrong, and statistics on success rates. This at least gives me hope.

  12. Had HemiCAP surgery on July 2nd still some swelling and if I hit it wrong it hurts also get odd shooting throbs of pain that comes and goes but isn’t steady. I started riding a bike at 5 weeks at 6 weeks started doing 8 miles a day on elliptical machine with 10 mile bike rides after. I have signed up for a 10 mile trail run in 4 weeks and a half marathon trail run the week after. I am supposed to start rehab after Sept 3 doctor appointment. If its not killing me when can I start running my doctor said possibly after 8 weeks which is the 26th of August. But am I passed the point when I could damage the procedure. I am 64 and look at life and time as getting away from me and don’t want to waste any of it.

  13. Hi Dave, thanks for giving us an update! We’re glad to hear that you’re getting back to your favorite activities!

  14. Are there any surgeons using this in Wilmington NC or surrounding areas? I have been told I need a fusion due to bone on bone but am hesitant.

  15. Hi, I’m 30, live in Belgium and diagnosed with Hallux rigidus. Surgeon want to fuse my toe.. Can I do this around my country? What is better? Hemicap on both sides or one side?

    Thank you

  16. What Doctors in the Joplin, MO area do this procedure? I have Hallux Limitus, I don’t want toe fusion another dr recommended the Toe Hemicap Implant. I want to remain active!
    Thank you

  17. Hi, I live in Newfoundland, Canada….are there any surgeons who perform this procedure in my province? I had a Cartiva implant April 2019, and am currently having pain again, still a lot of stiffness, and minimal range of motion; I’ve been researching this procedure and it seems to be a positive option, I’m not interested in a fusion….I live an active lifestyle and still in my 40’s. I’d be willing to leave the province and travel to the next closest surgeon/province if there is no one in NL performing this procedure currently.


  18. Can this implant surgery be done simultaneously with a bunionectomy? Also can this implant support more aggressive activities, like soccer? Are their doctors in the Boston area who work with this implant?

  19. I live in Alberta Canada and have diagnosis of hallux rigidus. Fusion was recommended but I am still in my forties and very active so have been putting it off hoping for a better option. Are there surgeons in my area or in another province that are experienced with this precedure?

  20. Hi Edgar,
    The Toe HemiCAP or ToeMotion Arthoplasty system can be used in conjunction with a bunionectomy, however, please speak with your physician to see our toe implant systems are the right decision for your specific situation.
    Below is the link to our find the doctor module, which allows you to look for surgeons in your area who have experience with our toe implant systems.
    Have a great day!

  21. I live in Germany and had a keller-brandes resection arthroplasty initially. Think this was the wrong choice for me. Can I still go for a hemicap implant?

  22. Hello, I have R/A, and raynauds will these implants work in all the toes, and how long will these last? Also please recommend someone in the Ohio area. Thank you, Diane

  23. Hello is there anywhere in Alberta Canada to get this done and does healthcare cover it or will it be an out of pocket cost? Thank you

  24. I’m almost in my 8week of hemi implant and bone spur removed. I’m still in PT and a boot. If I put a shoe/dlip flop on I can’t put full pressure because if I do it hurts.
    I’m a hairstylist and work on my feet and this is killing me.
    Working in a boot is hard because after a while it does hurt your hip and my foot can hurt if I’m on it to much.
    Anyone else have this issue?
    I’m not sure why it’s taking so long and it’s depressing to be in pain still.

  25. I need surgeons near Charlottesville va or Annapolis MD. My boyfriend luves near there and could most likely help me with recovery and getting me to surgery.

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