Avoid Joint Pain with these 5 Safety Tips for Fall Cleanup

joint replacementThe weather is cooling down, trees are changing color and the wind and rain are knocking the leaves down at a rapid pace. Yards are covered with this autumn mess making yard work inevitable. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2014, there were almost 50,000 raking related injuries reported in the US with close to 500,000 ladder injuries. Common yard work activities can lead to pulled muscles, joint pain, torn ligaments and a sore back. Use these tips to help avoid injuries:
  1. Stretch – Remember to warm up your muscles and stretch before beginning yard work
  2. Use the Right Equipment – Use a rake that is the right size and length for your height.
  3. Take Breaks – Every so often your body will need a rest. Rehydrate & Stretch to alleviate muscle strain
  4. Use Proper Form – When raking, make sure to stand up straight and avoid slouching over. Use your legs instead of your back. (don’t bend at the waist, but bend at the knees). Also switch arms every so often.
  5. Practice Ladder Safety – Climb ladders slow & steady to help avoid falling. Check your ladder for loose screws and hinges and make sure to select the proper ladder for the job and to position it correctly before climbing to clean out gutters. (One to four rule)


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