8 Products for People Suffering from Arthritis

find a doctorCooking Tools
Knives with non-slip, easy to grip handles
Cutting boards equipped with grips
Jar openers – When your hands are achy from arthritis, use a special device to help open up jars.

foot pain reliefVideo Game accessories
If you have children, chances are they play video games. If you want to join in the fun it will be easier to play systems like the Nintendo Wii where you are moving around and the controller is easy to grip.


four corner fusionCook Books
There are many arthritis friendly cookbooks you can purchase. These will give you recipes for food that can help ease joint inflammation and pain associated with arthritis.


frozen shoulderJewelry Helper
All women love a great piece of jewelry, but when arthritis has your hands achy and swollen, it is not always easy to clasp a necklace or put a ring on.


carpal tunnel surgeryGardening Tools
There are many easy grip gardening tools, such as a no bend weed puller, easy-grip cultivator and fork and an easy grip trowel.


rotator cuff painElectric Wine Openers
It’s hard enough to uncork a bottle of wine without arthritis. Use one of these electric wine openers to help ease the pain.


reverse shoulder replacementMassages
Certain spas will have an arthritis specific massage. Not only does this create a great gift, but it will help your body relax and help ease some of the pain associated with your arthritis.


partial knee replacementGolf Grips
Those with arthritis can find it very difficult to grip their golf club. You can now re-grip your clubs with larger grips to help you hold on without pain. Any Golfsmith location can help you.


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    Thanks for your illustration regarding arthritis tools. There products really handy for old aged people who require arthritis aids.
    I personally prepare easi grip garden tools. There products are really handy and affordable too.

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