7 Helpful Tools for People Who Suffer from Arthritis

September 26, 2014

If you suffer from the pains of arthritis, every day can feel like a struggle. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that can make living with joint pain easier and more manageable.

Here are a few resources we recommend:

1. The Arthritis Foundation has a “Where does it Hurt” tool. Use this resource to learn about specific joint anatomy, causes of pain, treatment options and tips for at home care.

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2. The Arthritis Foundation also has an app called “Track + React”. It is a day-by-day arthritis wellness tool that helps you to track and manage activities such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, medications, etc. You can quickly enter information on the go to track how daily life is affecting your arthritis. The app is currently available for iPhone, iPad or Android device.

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3. The “My Fitness Pal” app for smartphones lets you connect with your friends and motivate each other to stay active. Low impact exercise and weight loss can help minimize the stress on your joints and ease pain. Make weekly plans with friends to go for a long walk!

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4. Have you been prescribed medication to help ease your joint pain? Check out this Drug Guide presented by Arthritis Today to help you stay in the know! The guide is full of important facts including dosage details, side effects, and warnings.

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5. Always on the go? MyRA is a free app that allows patients to identify symptoms, make notes and track the body parts where and when they are experiencing joint pain symptoms. It can also generate a report for you to give to your doctor.


6. My Pain Diary ($4.99, compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) is another app that helps patients track pain levels on a calendar to help identify triggers and certain activities that can worsen your pain.

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7. RxmindMe (free, compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) is an app developed by Walgreens to help patients track their different medicines and to remind them when it is time to take a pill. The app includes the entire FDA drug database.

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