Joint Pain

10 Unlikely Things That Cause Joint Pain

Joint Pain

When you think of causes of joint pain, most people go immediately to age, too much exercise, injury and arthritis. (more…)

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  1. I have a friend whose been struggling with joint pain for years and has gone to tons of doctors and they still cant’t figure it out. Is there a way I can know it’s one of these?

  2. Hi Tom,
    I am in the same situation and I’m at a dead end! I have been to very specialist possible with NO diagnosis!
    May I ask has your friend been diagnosed with anything yet?
    Thank you in advance for your response!

  3. Based on my personal experience, I got soo stressed for a period of time and slight anxiety plus depression. I got rheumatoid arthritis after few months of stress. Also I have chronic urticaria many years ago. So when I was stressed, I have my urticaria flared up plus RA. I asked my dermatologist about my urticaria he said my RA and urticaria are linked and it is not curable. The only way is to keep taking anti histamine when symptoms flare up.

  4. Food allergies have caused a ton of problems for me since I reached 50. Nightshade fruits and vegetables gave me arthritis. So did artificial sweeteners. I also have gluten sensitivity which messes with your hormones. I tried Stevia for a sweetener but found out later it is in the same genus as ragweed. It is a constant hit and miss. Good luck. Doctors haven’t helped me much either. I would suggest a full workup of allergy tests if you haven’t had one. At least you can know what to avoid.

  5. I just got testing done, nothing there to indicate anything is wrong. I suspect 3 things may have caused this sudden onset of joint pain. For the record I have osteoarthritis/wear and tear, from overworking the joint on my fight shoulder. Later I got a hip impingement on left hip (right being dominate and with probably slightly more surrounding muscle). But finding the right job and not aggravating with of these, it was like I didn’t have either. I now suspect corn/popcorn or pollen or weather/barametric pressure. I’m leaning towards pollen, as it has been bothering me badly for 3 years now. I thought I had the flu first 2 years. This year, different location so differing pollen, so no flu this time, hay fever type symptoms, but mega joint pain – all of them! What the heck. Guess I’ll have to wait for next year to see if it happens at pollen time again.

  6. Have you been checked by an infectious disease specialist for a parasite? I had idiopathic chronic urticaria for 2 straight years couple with a ton of other problems (including intense joint pain) that would come and go. After 60+ drs I found the right one. Turns out I had schistosomiasis.

  7. I’m 36 with complex PTSD and Dissociation and recently I started having joint pain and knee and ankle pain and sometimes even my toes don’t want to work. Well after being online for weeks and I think I just might have to check with my Dr. , a friend is the one who asked if it was my anxiety causing the pain.

  8. I developed arthritis rather suddenly, in both knees. I have been under incredible stress for the past few years, as my husband has cancer. I never knew stress could cause this type of “reaction” in the body-and I’m an RN! Surprise, surprise…

  9. I’ve suffered with stress and depression for years and when I began having joint pain my GP immediately took the view that it was all in my mind. I didn’t agree but got the usual (for the UK anyway) response of ‘you’re not dying so go away’. I’ve struggled on, being of little use to anyone and with no help or diagnosis other than ‘the mind is a wonderful thing…’ So helpful. I now have imaginary (well, they must be) lumps on my fingers and deformed toes, which Dr.Google tells me indicated advanced arthritis, but doubtless my lovely ‘real’ doctor would say don’t exist. Found this site tonight sitting up in bed unable to sleep because of the pain in my hips. I still don’t know if it’s imaginary or not or what to do to help myself. Haven’t seen a doctor in years now. Stopped going out at all six years ago. But hey, the good news is I’m not dying. So that’s alright.

  10. Jerri it’s not in your head. I believe you. You need to see a specialist if you can. Your doctor should not be practicing medicine as far as I’m concerned. Get a second or third opinion if you can!

  11. Maybe check if it could be Fibromyalgia. It cannot be detected by blood test. Causes lots of body and joint paint, fatigue, maybe depression and host of other symptoms.

  12. I had joint and muscle pain for years. A dietician suggested that it may be a food sensitivity. I didn’t believe this but did an elimination diet anyway. Turned out I have a gluten sensitivity. When I avoid all wheat products I feel great but as soon as I start eating them the joint and muscle pain return with a vengeance. I don’t have any GI symptoms from gluten/wheat, just the pain. This may be the culprit for your friend?

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