Media Spotlight

As interest continues to grow in cartilage resurfacing, surgeons are often asked to share their success stories and results with local and national news media. Below are some of the stories as reprinted from the news. If you see a story from your local news media, please contact us directly so we can post it for others to see.

  • Arizona surgeon explains Arthrosurface technology and its benefits for the Knee

    08-Jul-2011 Dr Theodore Hofstedt , an orthopaedic surgeon, from Phoenix AZ is interviewed by a Health Reporter and he describes a minimally invasive knee procedure and how his patients are benefiting from this option to more extensive surgery or just living in pain.

  • Arthrosurface UniCAP procedure has a Baby Boomer skiing 3 months after surgery

    15-Jul-2011 As an official with the United States Ski and Snowboard Association, John Powers’s job requires navigating rough, mountainous terrain on skis. He is also passionate about Alpine and freestyle skiing.When he found his arthritic knee significantly damaged at age 58 from years of playing rugby and hitting the slopes, he wasn’t ready to hang […]

  • Arthrosurface® was featured on a health segment

    15-Jul-2011 Arthrosurface® was featured on a health segment on Channel 5 WCVB Boston. Dr. Thomas Holovacs , an orthopaedic shoulder surgeon with the Harvard Shoulder Service at Massachusetts General Hospital, was featured with his shoulder patient Rita Vega.

  • Chicago Tribune Arthrosurface Toe System

    15-Jul-2011 Dr. Howard Stone was recently interviewed by the Chicago Tribune in Illinois about the Arthrosurface Toe system.  Read his interesting article here .  

  • Dr. Robert Buonanno Channel 10 interview

    15-Jul-2011 Dr. Robert Buonanno was interviewed by Channel 10 WJAR in Rhode Island for his treatment of a patient with the Arthrosurface®Femoral Condyle system.  Dr. Buonanno is participating in the US clinical trial** of this device.  His patient is now over 2 1/2 years post operative and doing great.