Typical Patient Function & Activity Milestones after Hemiarthroplasty or Total Toe Replacement

Based on their experience, surgeons rated the time it took for patients to achieve certain milestones after surgery such as driving a car, walking in shoes and returning to work, activity or sport. The majority of surgeons reported that their patients’ return to activities of daily living, including return to work within 1 month after surgery.

Following Toe HemiCAP® hemiarthroplasty, or ToeMotion® Total Toe replacement, all surgeons stated that patients are expected to return to work with maintenance of their job levels. No job, sports or activity restrictions were recommended. Following these procedures, most patients are expected to return to work within 4 weeks after surgery (77%) or within a 15-30 day range (33.3%). The time to return to work was classified as equal or faster than cheilectomy and other implants and faster than fusion. Sports participation was started at a mean of 63 days and the satisfaction regarding the return to sport and an active lifestyle was rated as Excellent to Very Good in 86% and good in 14%.

Figure 5: Time Points for Returning to Various Activity levels After Surgery.