We are Boston Strong!

Arthrosurface was fortunate enough to sponsor the Wampanoag Road Runner’s Team in this year’s 117th Boston Marathon. Luckily, they all made it to safety but along with everyone else, they were very shaken by the tragic events. They have now packed their bags and are traveling to London for the 2013 London Marathon that is being held on Sunday. We wish them the best of luck and safety!

The Boston Marathon has been a celebrated event for over a hundred years. Monday began as a typical Patriots Day in Massachusetts. Businesses were closed to honor Patriots Day and many were in Boston to support their family and friends who were running in the Marathon. The events of Monday afternoon were felt throughout the state and country and have affected us all. We want to send our thoughts and prayers to all law enforcement who are currently looking for the suspect believed to be involved Monday’s tragedy. We would also like to take this time to thank all Police, EMTs, Military, civilians and anyone else who reacted without any hesitation to help those hurt in the blasts. Our condolences are with all of those who were impacted by the events on Monday and throughout the week.

Boston is Arthrosurface’s home.  We are Boston Strong! 4.15.13

frozen shoulder


Photo Credit: Peter Southland (thank you)

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