Toe Implant Goes the Distance in a Marathon Event!

Yesterday, a Foot & Ankle Surgeon received a surprise phone call from a very happy 60 year old male patient who had the HemiCAP Toe implanted earlier this year. What prompted the call was that the patient had just finished a marathon and placed 5th in his age bracket and in the top 10% of the almost 5000 runners in the race!!

One of the main concerns the patient had was being able to run again as he had been a runner his whole life. Now, less than a year later he is able to run again without restrictions, his improvement is 98% better than before the surgery and even though there was some minimal pain after the race, things settled down immediately after it was over. This same surgeon has performed this operation on other active patients such as a ballroom dancer and the ability to go back to the activity they love is what makes the procedure such a successful option.

Hearing stories like this motivates the Arthrosurface team and our surgeons around the globe because we know we are changing patients’ lives for the better. Happy, active patients are what it’s all about!

Arthrosurface First!

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