SOMOS 2012 Meeting

At the beginning of the week, Arthrosurface exhibited at the Society of Military Orthopedic Surgeons Meeting in Naples, FL. Surgeons from all branches of the military were in attendance. Previous years saw increased attendance while the 2012 military cutbacks attributed to a slight decrease in attendance at this years meeting. Nonetheless, the event was still well attended by those hoping to learn about new, cutting-edge procedures that will help joint pain for those who serve our country. The response to the Arthrosurface HemiCAP was enthusiastic! We had current users along with potential HemiCAP surgeons come to our booth to learn about what Arthrosurface could offer their patients. The potential HemiCAP surgeons were looking for innovative solutions for active military and veterans that will allow them to maintain their active and demanding lifestyles. On the other hand, our current HemiCAP users were able to share stories of active duty military personnel who have had outstanding success with their HemiCAP implants and are able to continue with their extensive training and missions.

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