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June 11, 2013

The last few weeks have been very busy for our Arthrosurface team.  In the last month, we attended the EFORT Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, the Florida Orthopaedic Society Meeting in Tampa, FL, a hands-on Surgeon Training lab in Coventry, England, the State Podiatry Meeting in Ohio and the AANA Congress in San Antonio, Texas.

Due to the local protests in Istanbul, the EFORT Congress was not as well attended as in past years. However, 2,000 surgeons still joined the lecture filled event. Our distributor, Medistnet, led by Goksel Gorkem, was able to launch our new NanoFx system in Turkey at this congress. Medistnet also held a special lecture event one evening with many key Turkish surgeons presenting on their HemiCAP® patient experiences and data.  Dr. Jens Ole Laursen from Denmark also displayed his clinical poster which included a 149 patient series with 2-5 year follow-up on the focal condyle HemiCAP®, UniCAP® and PF Wave. Survivorship was 92.7% after 5 years which compares favorably with other joint systems available in the market.

The Florida Orthopaedic Meeting (FOS) is very well executed with prominent surgeons and key opinion leaders in attendance.  The attention paid to the exhibitors, both by the organizers and the attendees was exemplary and our booth graphics drew a lot of attention!  The NanoFx (nanofracture) and our Stemless Total Shoulder System drew in the majority of focus at the meeting. We were honored to attend and to have the chance to educate the attendees on the benefits of Arthrosurface for their patients. Dr. Mighell, a key Tampa Shoulder Surgeon, mentioned that his recent HemiCAP OVO® Shoulder x-ray was the best resurfacing x-ray he had ever seen!

The cadaver lab in Coventry, England had over 25 surgeons in attendance with Professor Peter Behrens from Hamburg, Germany and Dr. Patel from London, England as the instructors. Prof. Behrens, who helped design the Arthrosurface NanoFx System, presented on this innovative bone marrow stimulation technology as well as surface implants for the knee. The attendees were very excited to learn from such well-respected surgeons and one of the key product developers. They left the lab committed to using these innovations in their practices. The lab was organized by our UK distributor, Northstar, who have an excellent history of introducing innovative products to the UK market.

We made a last minute decision to attend the 2013 AANA meeting in San Antonio. This meant we were the very last company to register for a booth.  We ended up being the #1 booth with the most surgeon visitors in the facility! Busier than ALL our competitors!  Once again, NanoFx was the most in demand!

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