Arthrosurface Makes Strides at the ACFAS Conference

February 15, 2013

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Arthrosurface attended the ACFAS Conference (American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons) this week in Las Vegas, NV.  Due to the blizzard that hit the east coast the weekend of the meeting, attendance was slightly down this year.  One of the key trends observed during the meeting was the fact that almost every Foot and Ankle company was now selling or developing an implant for the metatarsal head.  Arthrosurface was the first company in the world to sell a metatarsal based implant, launched over 8 years ago. In the 50 years prior to the Arthrosurface Toe HemiCAP launch, every other toe implant had been based on a phalangeal design. Now, in less than a decade the market has moved to the metatarsal side of the joint, a very strong confirmation that having implants designed for the side where the arthritis begins was the right idea. Despite the trend, no other companies have been able to replicate the rock solid fixation designed into the HemiCAP screw and CAP system, thereby maintaining Arthrosurface’s competitive advantage.

Arthrosurface saw an increase in booth traffic from previous years with a steady flow of interested surgeons.  Many of the surgeons visiting the booth were enthusiastic about the new Arthrosurface Checkmate Toe Fusion System.  While preserving the joint is our company’s main goal, many patients have such an advanced stage of arthritis that the best option is to simply stabilize and fuse the joint so patients can walk sufficiently without pain. Taking the same approach that Arthrosurface has taken in the past, positive design features from other systems were maintained, however, a variety of new design elements and instruments were added to make the procedure quicker and more reproducible. The clever elevator, compression clamp and a special screw guide all received positive reviews as each one addresses a major shortfall in the existing systems.

Arthrosurface is planning to launch three new foot and ankle products in 2013.  The upcoming publication of 5 year clinical data on the original Toe HemiCAP implant will strengthen the positive track record seen in our other products.  This will further validate the Arthrosurface resurfacing concept!


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