Arthrosurface Shoulder News

This morning, Arthrosurface attended the AAOS Shoulder Arthroplasty course at the Orthopedic Learning Center (OLC) in Rosemont, IL.  In addition to the event directors, key upper extremity surgeons from around the country attended the course.  The surgeons were there to learn about the latest options for treating shoulder cartilage and soft tissue injuries as well as arthritic conditions.  These surgeons were able to use a hands-on approach to learn the Arthrosurface Shoulder HemiCAP procedures including the new Ovo Full Head Resurfacing and the unique and Anatomic Inlay Glenoid.  Soon these surgeons will be using Athrosurface shoulder products as another option for their patients, especially for those that are young and active. Many surgeons were excited by the new less invasive options!

 Happy Anniversary Shoulder!

8 years ago, Dr. Bergs, a German surgeon, performed the very first International Shoulder HemiCAP surgery.  This surgery was performed approximately a year after the first Arthrosurface shoulder case ever, which was done by Dr. Daniel Snyder at the Newton Wellesley Hospital in Boston, MA.  In the last 9 years many thousands of Arthrosurface shoulder surgeries have been performed worldwide and the growth opportunities in shoulder remain significant.  The need for new options is a major theme amongst Shoulder surgeons, as upper extremity problems are becoming a bigger issue each and every year!

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