7 Year Anniversary!

wrist fusionTomorrow marks the 7th anniversary of the first implanted Patello Femoral Classic HemiCAP!  The surgery was performed by Dr. Anthony Schepsis, MD at Boston Medical Center on June 1, 2006.  The patient, who was a quarry laborer, was able to return to work not long after his Arthrosurface knee surgery.  7 Years later and he is still happy that he chose Arthrosurface!

Dr. Anthony Schepsis of the Boston University Medical Center said, “The principal advantage of the Arthrosurface system is that it is an intuitive technology that allows for very accurate matching of the implants to the affected cartilage surface, without altering the biomechanics of the joint.”

The patello-femoral joint is the area under and including the kneecap that frequently has painful defects due to trauma or arthritic damage. The Arthrosurface system allows surgeons to three-dimensionally map the patients’ unique anatomy and then use an off-the-shelf implant without the need for additional X-rays or a second surgery. “We are excited that our technology platform continues to expand into different orthopaedic joint indications as we provide new treatment options for patients with early joint disease.”

A patient commented about his experience with the Patello Femoral HemiCAP: “This is the first time in four years that I have virtually no more pain in my knee. With two previously failed surgeries, I had learned not to get my hopes up. After the Arthrosurface procedure, I can go up and down the stairs, cycle and work without pain. I couldn’t be happier.”

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  1. I have had 2 arthrosurface procedures in the past 2 years. Dr. Pakan (Kent, OH) has been wonderful and I am so pleased that I had this procedure on both knees. No more aching! I am grateful for the technology and the skill of my doctor.

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