Arthrosurface Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission is “Customer Satisfaction Through Innovative Solutions and Continual hip surgeryImprovement”

The goal of Arthrosurface is to provide surgeons and patients with high-quality products by identifying the patients’ needs and translating those needs into continuously improved products. We are dedicated to quality, excellence, and continuous improvement.

Worldwide there is a large patient population with joint disease and cartilage damage who have failed early treatment therapies such as physiotherapy, pain and anti-inflammatory medications, bracing, arthroscopy and other grafting procedures. These patients continue to experience chronic pain and reduced activity levels with no interim solution. This patient population tends to be comprised of relatively young and physically active patients seeking treatments that will help them stay active and painfree.

Restoring a Joint vs Replacing a Joint

During a Joint Restoration Procedure (a.k.a. joint resurfacing), a surgeon removes the damaged cartilage and bone and then matches the joint surface with a new super smooth implant that keeps the patients’ joint and anatomy intact. Similar to a dentist filling a cavity only the damaged area is replaced.

The surgery for the HemiCAP® implant can be performed as an outpatient procedure, with less morbidity and an accelerated rehabilitation protocol. In order to preserve the patients’ quality of life while maintaining normal motion, Arthrosurface® restores only the joint surface instead of the entire joint. Very little tissue or bone is removed and because the implant matches the patients’ own joint surface there are no activity restrictions after the HemiCAP® rehabilitation program has been completed.

During a Total Joint Replacement procedure, a surgeon will remove significant amounts of bone and tissue and in many cases, the stabilizing structures are also removed which compromises normal motion and stability. In addition, a patients’ quality of life can be severely limited after having a Total Joint Replacement, as artificial implants are large, heavy and don’t necessarily match the patient’s natural anatomy. For example, a patient with a Total Shoulder Replacement is not supposed to lift more than 25lbs, which means weightlifting, carrying groceries and even picking up your children is discouraged.

Before you commit to an invasive joint replacement surgery ask your doctor what you will not be able to do after the recovery and always seek professional medical advice for specific personal care.

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